What clients normally want to know:


- What is the average wage the domestics are prepared to work for?

Most domestics would like to earn between around R4200/month as a starting salary including transport (for 5 days a week sleep-out work). The sleep-in domestics start at R3800/month but get 3 meals/day and free water and electricity. They also only use public transport twice a week. Sundays and public holidays are paid at double rate.


- Will the domestic do everything I ask him/her to do?

Your domestic will try his or her best to accommodate you. It is however against the Zimbabwean culture for a lady to pick up dog pooh or get into touch with dog or cat pooh in any way. In their culture it is seen as an insult. A Zimbabwean lady will however do many other things for you, clean your car and windows outside. Zimbabwean men on the other hand ARE allowed to pick it up.


- Which method of communication do you prefer us to use?

The best way to contact us (if you are a new client) is either via email, whatsapp or sms. We will then call you back. And if you are a domestic looking for work, then via whatsapp or sms.


- What exactly do you teach the domestic helpers at your one day training?

We hold a refreshment course in housekeeping and work ethics. The workers each have to clean a room and we demonstrate how to iron properly. All domestics get copies of the course notes to take home and go through again a day before they start their new work. 


- Our domestic takes his/her yearly leave/maternity leave, but we need someone to work in his/her place for as long as they are gone. Can you help us?

Yes we can. The fee for this is R599 and after your regular domestic is back, our stand-in goes back onto our database. Should your regular domestic not come back you simply pay us the difference for a permanent placement and keep our domestic.


- Can the housekeepers cook or prepare meals?

Most of them are shy when asked about their cooking abilities, but are keen to only cook for your children. Many of them are willing to be taught how to cook for the entire family. Some of them have done cooking courses and are passionate about cooking. That will be specifically stated in their profiles. 


- Can they be trusted?

Nobody can give a no-steal guarantee. We do, however, talk to them about work ethics as part of our basic domestic training. One can minimise stealing temptation by treating the workers with respect and be sensitive to the fact that we may lead a privileged lifestyle compared to them. 


- Do you help people to de-clutter or clean a very unorganized and/or dirty home?

No, we don't offer any once-off cleaning services.


- Do you provide police clearance certificates?

No, but we follow up with all previous employers by phoning them.


- Are you a legal agency?

We are not an agency at all. We do not employ people. They are free to find work for themselves and are in no way bound to us. We provide employers information about the available supply within the market and charge a fee for the collation of this information.


- Is there a miminum amount of days per week/month I need to take a domestic?

The minimum a person will be placed into your family is twice a month on the same day of the week.


- Can the workers be tested for HIV?

By law one is not allowed to publish a person's HIV status. You are welcome to request an HIV test with their permission and on your cost.


Our nice domestic is looking for additional work two specific days of the week; will you be able to help her?  And how can she contact you?

Although we prefer ladies who need work 5 days a week over those who only need certain days, we do make exceptions if the domestic comes with a very good recommendation from the current employer.




One Stop Domestic is not qualified to determine the eligibility of prospective employees to enter into a contract of employment. This unfortunately falls outside of the scope of our service.All contractual matters, including eligibility to enter into an employment contract with one another, remains the responsibility of employer and employee. We are not an agency and the people on our website don't work for us.


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