Do you live in the Helderberg,

Stellenbosch or Cape Town?

Then let us help you find a housekeeper or nanny who meets your specific needs, so you don't have to spend your time and energy on long interviews and reference checks yourself!


Service is what differentiates us!

To contact Nicole,

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How it works

1.) Pick suitable housekeepers or nannies from our website

2.) We provide you with their telephone numbers to arrange interviews or test work days

3.) Trial your favorite candidate(s) while paying him/her daily rates

4.) Only pay our placement fee after you employ one of our candidates. All trials are free!

5.) After payment we still replace your employee for 3 months to ensure you end up with a good fit 



What our clients say about us



One Stop Domestic provides excellent service. The big advantage for me is that they have taken the stress out of where to start looking for a domestic worker.

One Stop Domestic has already checked the references and work history of the dometic workers which gives you, as the employer, great peace of mind.

- Carina, Strand -


I had to find a full time cleaner for my employer and contacted One Stop Domestic. They were very efficient in helping us and thought of so many things we wouldn't have thought of ourselves.

My employer later also took a gardener and each year asks for a cleaner when her regular lady is on vacation. It's a very pleasant experience working with them, can highly recommend.

-Helen, Somerset West -



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